Cost: €5; concessions €3; under 15s free
Berlin Cathedral stands proudly in the city centre, surrounded by state museums. Inside, look up at the new dome interior, the last mosaic piece of which was only put in place in 2002. Climb to the top for panoramic city views. In 1944 the cathedr... Continue reading

Picture Gallery

Cost: €8; concessions €4; under-16s free; Thu 6pm-10pm free
Berlin Tiergarten's Picture Gallery shelters a staggering collection of 13th- to 18th-century European art. A journey through its 72 rooms reveals masterpieces by Raphael, Titian, Vermeer and Caravaggio. Be sure to admire the octagonal gallery grac... Continue reading

Wall Documentation Centre

Cost: Free
Trace the city's divided history at the Berlin Wall Documentation Centre. Boasting an extensive collection of photographs, films and exhibits, the centre documents both the events surrounding Bernauer Street and the wider political situation. One ... Continue reading


Cost: Free
Alexanderplatz, located in the central district of Mitte, is Berlin's most important square. Characterised by its 1960s architecture, it is home to cinemas, shops and the famous Fernsehturm (TV tower). Alexanderplatz was originally located outside... Continue reading

Alte Nationalgalerie

Cost: €8; concessions €4
The Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin boasts a collection of 19th-century art and a good range of 20th-century German pieces. The gallery also owns significant collections of French Impressionist works, including masterpieces by Manet, Monet, Renoir, ... Continue reading

Altes Museum

Cost: €8; concessions €4
One of the grandest works by neo-classical master architect Karl-Friedrich Schinkel, the Altes Museum on Museumsinsel (Museum Island) has housed Berlin's Collection of Classical Antiquities since 1904. Highlights include Greek sculptures, mosaics a... Continue reading

Bauhaus Archive/Museum of Design

Cost: Sat-Mon €7; concessions €4Wed-Fri €6; concessions €3
Constructed in 1976, the Bauhaus Archive/Museum of Design has unique modern architectural features that have become something of a Berlin landmark. The museum is dedicated to the Bauhaus, the 20th century's most important school of art, architectur... Continue reading

Berggruen Museum

Cost: €8; concessions €4
The Berggruen Museum is home to art works collected by the prominent Jewish art dealer and collector Heinz Berggruen, born in Berlin in 1914. The collection features pieces by Picasso, Klee, Giacometti and Matisse. Over 100 of Picasso's oil painti... Continue reading

Brandenburg Gate

Cost: Free
Towering above Pariser Platz square in Berlin Mitte, neoclassical Brandenburg Gate is the most potent symbol of German reunification. Look up to glimpse Victoria, goddess of victory, charging forth on Quadriga. At dusk, light bathes its Doric colum... Continue reading

Charlottenburg Palace

Cost: Old Palace: €10; concessions €7New Wing: €6; concessions €5 (inc audio guide)
Built by Elector Frederick III as a summer residence for his wife Sophie Charlotte in 1699, Charlottenburg Palace houses majestic rooms and an excellent art collection. It is surrounded by well-attended Baroque gardens. Charlottenburg Palace hosts... Continue reading

Checkpoint Charlie

Cost: Free (Museum €12.50; concessions €5.50-€9.50)
Symbol of a once-divided city and former border crossing between East and West Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie now draws camera-toting tourists to its reconstructed guardhouse and soldiers' post in the Mitte district. The adjacent Mauermuseum tells real... Continue reading

Currywurst Museum

Cost: €7-€11; under 6s free
The Berliners' love of the curry-flavoured sausage is taken to a new level of craziness at the Currywurst Museum near Checkpoint Charlie. Discover the history of the street snack or revel in Currywurst heaven in the museum shop and Currywurst loung... Continue reading

Dali - The Exhibition on Potsdamer Platz

Cost: €11; concessions €9; under 6s free
Opened in 2009, Dali - The Exhibition on Potsdamer Platz is the latest addition to the booming Potsdamer Platz area of Berlin. Around 450 pieces are on show, demonstrating the multi-faceted creations of the eccentric Surrealist artist.... Continue reading

DDR Museum

Cost: €5.50; concessions €3.50
The DDR Museum in Berlin Mitte is an eye-opening look at everyday life behind the Iron Curtain. From watching TV in a Communist-era living room to revving a Trabant, this hands-on museum's exhibits present an exploration of former East Germany. Th... Continue reading

Deutsche Oper

Cost: Various
Set in the western Charlottenburg district, the Deutsche Oper serves up a mouthwatering melange of avant-garde theatre, concerts, classic opera and traditional dance. Destroyed during the war, and reopened in 1961, the building's contemporary struc... Continue reading

DZ Bank

Cost: Not Specified
The DZ Bank building on Pariser Platz, designed by the American architect Frank Gehry, is one of Berlin's most spectacular new office buildings. The interior courtyard of the building shows Gehry's trademark: a massive, titanium, morphing form.... Continue reading

East Side Gallery

Cost: Free
A remnant of the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery stretches 1.3km through Friedrichshain. Artists have revamped dull concrete to create the world's largest open-air gallery, featuring 106 airbrushed murals from Trabant cars to politically charged... Continue reading

Egyptian Museum

Cost: €8; concessions €4; under 16s free; Thu 6pm-10pm free
Berlin's Egyptian Museum houses objects recovered by the German Oriental Society at Amarna between 1911 and the outbreak of the First World War. The collection has been recombined after years of being split due to the division of the nation. A bla... Continue reading


Cost: €10; under-16s €5.50; under-3s free
With its giant silver sphere and needle-thin tower, the 368m-high Fernsehturm (Telecommunications Tower) in the Mitte district is Berlin's most visible landmark. Dominating Alexanderplatz, this monument of the GDR in the 60s affords sweeping views ... Continue reading