Price rates

€ 6.8 average price per Dorm/bed (the price is per 1 night only)

Info & Description

Dreamcatcher (Atrapasueños) is a totem of the Indian tribes of North America which was hung at the entrances of sleeping sites so that the bad dreams were caught in the net and were destroyed with the first light of dawn.

Our hostel is an ideal place to have a rest in an authentic family ambiance, where cleanliness, comfort and respect for the guests are our top priorities, at the lowest prices.

Strategically located close to everything: the colonial city, the administrative center, the transport terminal, the football stadium 'Pascual Guerrero” and other cultural and entertainment places, there is easy access to public transportation.

We offer accommodation in common rooms, in bunk beds, or in a separate private room for a couple. We have laundry services and breakfast for anyone who wants it. We have welcoming spaces with Wi-Fi and hammocks, plus film programs every day. We guarantee relaxation, comfort and good dreams.

o Comfortable bunk beds
o Leisure area
o Hammocks
o TV Zone
o Wi-Fi
o Internet
o Laundry Service
o Breakfast

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