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Prime Hotel Villa Patrizi is placed inside a historical villa dating back to the beginning of 1900 which has been completely renewed around year 2000, in a central area easy to be reached. The little garden just in front of the entrance surrounds the whole building. Inside the garden, seats and a big palm-tree with its shadow offer comfort to guests who want to relax away from hot summer sun. The hotel is located near the famous area Coppedè, between via Nomentana, corso Trieste and viale Regina Margherita, convenient for moving into town, with parking areas nearby and in proximity of public transports: the tramcars to St. Peter, Colosseum and Trastevere are just 50 metres away.

Near the hotel you'll have the chance to admire the following places of interest.
Villa Torlonia: One of the most recent Roman villas, that used to belong to a noble family. It still keeps a particular beauty due to the original scenery of the British garden, one of the few examples in Rome, and to the rich and unexpected quantity of artistically designed buildings all over the park.
La Casina delle Civette (literally translated The Birds' House): Main residence of Prince Giovanni Torlonia until the 1938, it is a very peculiar construction in liberty style that had its name taken from the presence of a large stained glassy window with two owls between ivy’s branches. It is one of the most singular and interesting works made during the first years of the last century.
Il Casino Nobile: It was the ball room of Torlonia residence, a majestic building enriched by an impressive pronaos erected to improve its visibility for all those that were passing by the main Nomentana street.
Porta Pia: Built according to Michelangelo's project, Porta Pia is famous most of all for the “breccia”, a hole in the wall opened on the 20th of September 1870 by the Bersaglieri, a special military section of the Italian army, during the historical period that brought to the unification of what we know today as Italy and that put to an end what was known as the Papal Empire. That's when Rome became the Capital of Italy.
Mausoleo di Santa Costanza: One of the most representative works of the ancient architecture. It was one of the first examples of Christian building with a central structure that has been entirely preserved till today. The building is often chosen by the Roman’s couple for their weddings.


The 22 rooms have refined and elegant decorations, they are hospitable and quite: ideal for a relaxing stay in Rome. They’re all equipped with satellite and pay tv, minibar, direct telephone, hairdryer, safe and internet connection.
From its small hall decorated with marbles and boiserie you can descend into the peculiar breakfast lounge, with its painted walls and the brick ceiling making the atmosphere warm and pleasant.
On request you can also have further services to make your stay even more enjoyable: pick up from and to the airport, cheap parking areas, city tours, info on very good restaurants nearby.


  • 1 bed/s private with Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 3 bed/s private with Watercloset (bathroom)
  • double bed private with Watercloset (bathroom)

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