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Price rates

€ 30 average price per room/bed (the price is per 1 night only)
€ 18 average price per Dorm/bed (the price is per 1 night only)

Info & Description

OstellOlinda is an original residential and accomodation property in Milan, located in a very unusual urban setting: Paolo Pini’s ex-psychiatric Hospital’s Park.
We are a social firm working in the accommodation field. We therefore believe in the hospitality concept as a means of integration.
In our Hostel, a few persons, who have been partly secluded from society have found work and socialization opportunities.
This aim of integration, shared by all the staff, leads to an accommodation policy centered on relationships and on a high quality service.
The Hostel is a two-storeyed building with a green inside garden looked over by the rooms (singles, doubles, dorms).
This allows you to sleep in a lavish urban quietness and to reach quickly the heart of the city.
Facing the Hostel, our Restaurant – bar Jodok offers to our guests high quality food and service.
Parking facilities.


Reception opening hours:

from Monday to Saturday: 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Sunday: midday to 7 p.m.

PAYMENT: on arrival. Credit cards accepted


  • Internet access
  • Internet access
  • Laundry
  • Heating
  • Parking lot


  • 2 bed/s private shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 1 bed/s private shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • double bed private shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • standard 2 bed/s private shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 4 bed/s mixed dorm shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 6 bed/s mixed dorm shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 10 bed/s mixed dorm shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 4 bed/s female dorm shared Watercloset (bathroom)

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Read what others are saying about OstellOlinda

  1. Claudia From Austria On October 28, 2010

    Great 'Ostel, Great Vacation, Fucking Awesome!!!!

  2. Hacer From Switzerland On November 11, 2009

    with the staff it was wonderful. when i reached there, finally. it was hard to find, i couldn't find anywhere the name of the hostel at "45" the building is in a park. but you don't find it, before you enter into the park. can't say anything about fun. i was just one night there.

  3. Inari From Finland On August 15, 2009

    The hostel had excellent facilities, for example the kitchen was superb and it was very well equipped. The rooms were clean and big enough and the toilet facilities were very good. The hostel was poorly reachable by night, but the peaceful surroundigs felt very safe.

  4. César Augusto From Colombia On January 9, 2009

    Well it is a nice place to stay, and I think after they build the metro line is going to be great!!!

  5. Georgiana From Romania On October 6, 2008

    Confortable and pleasant, and easy to get there from the center of the city until 9 p.m.

  6. Pakeetharan From Germany On October 3, 2008

    Positiv - nice staff - cheap and clean - wifi internet for free Negativ - not central in milan - the open-times

  7. Paul From Germany On October 1, 2008

    I can onyl recommend this hostel. But there are two things you have to consider. First is the opening time of the reception. You have to organize when you will arrive. The other thing is, that the position is quite far away from the center, but taking a train you can get there in some minutes. This two points wasn't a problem for me, so that I had a great time and I will go again there. A great adventage is that there have locker in dorms, so you can deposit your valurables in a safe way.

  8. Johannes From Germany On July 27, 2008

    Bit far away from the center. Staff friendly, but not always around. Showers and toilets in one room, therefor floor most of the time wet(from showers) and dirty (from footsteps, on the wet floor). Toilet paper often totally wet from the showers. Rooms are clean and good, lockers provided.

  9. Beverly From USA On April 4, 2008

    Great hostel, however somewhat scary place outside at night when your alone because its not very well lit in the gated area. Great helpful staff and reasonably priced as well! The directions to the hostel however were unclear. It said to take the bus to Modignani, however there were 5 of these stops and we were unsure of which one it was. We asked a few people and they didnt speak English and We didnt speak we were misplaced for a bit. However the directions are the only thing I would suggest needs improvement. I would definitly return!

  10. Jayamalathi From USA On October 10, 2007

    they spend a lot of time in making sure the hostel is clean, which it is. no complaints, except it takes a while to get to the hostel. the fact that there is a 1:30 curfew is not good.

  11. Erik From Netherlands On October 2, 2007

    It's realy a great hostel has the entrance in a Museum, rooms extremely clean Go for it.