Parc départemental de Nature et de Loisirs d'Olhain 62150 Houdain

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'All leisure activities are in the open air. At the heart of a dense forest of 450 hectares, at the gateway to the historical cities of the Nord Pas-de-Calais Area, the accommodation centre of the Parc d'Olhain wishes you a warm welcome!

Sports, nature, leisure, welcome: 4 areas in which we excel. The ideal venue for your educational trips, training courses, sports camps and seminars the ethic étapes of Parc d’Olhain and its team is well prepared to listen to your needs and guide you in carrying out your projects. Well-qualified staff, high quality facilities, a 2000m2 indoor sports complex and 400 hectares of wooded surroundings all contribute to making your stay a memorable one. '

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