2-6 Inverness Terrace

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€ 10 average price per Dorm/bed (the price is per 1 night only)

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Smart Hyde Park Hostel is a newly refurbished hostel located in Queensway, Bayswater. Situated meteres from Hyde Park, the hostel has direct links to London's major attractions. Tube stations and bus stops are literally no more than 2 minutes away.

Now under 'New Management' Smart Hyde Park Hostel boasts large rooms and a fully equipped modern kitchen/common area as well.
A fantastic, friendly staff is on hand 24 hours a day. We also have a 24-hour internet cafe (£1.50 for 75 minutes, ticket valid for 24 hour), 24-hour reception (no lock out or curfew) 24 hour laundry and 24-hour CCTV for added security!

We provide accommodation in mixed shared dorms with 4, 6, 8, 12, 14 e 24-beds; we provide individual security key-cards for every room! Bed linen and breakfast are included in the online rates
Comfortable common rooms with televisions and satellite television!


  • Internet access
  • Internet access
  • Laundry
  • Heating
  • 24h reception


  • 4 bed/s mixed dorm shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 6 bed/s mixed dorm shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 8 bed/s mixed dorm shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 12 bed/s mixed dorm shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 24 bed/s mixed dorm shared Watercloset (bathroom)

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Read what others are saying about Smart Hyde Park

  1. Emilia From Finland On June 18, 2015

    For that amount of money per night, you can't expect much, but it's not for anyone who expects hotel quality. It was fine though, I'm not very posh so it was enough for me. The place itself was under construction so we were sent off to Royal Hyde Park Hostel or whatever it was. It was right next to it and very similar to smart hyde park I suppose. The negatives were: Wifi costs 1 pound per hour, there are very few toilets, beds are really loud when you get up (and people, if you sleep in the 12 or 24 bed rooms), people coming and going pretty much all night, safety boxes cost as well, breakfast is pretty disgusting (but free!) and the staff seemed unprofessional, but it didn't affect my stay much. Positives were: the place was all we needed! Reception was open all day and night, no curfews, we had beds to sleep in, people kept to themselves, toilets worked, sheets were clean, there was a vending machine, adapters, maps, computers and a nice cafe next to it (actually attached to it). And of course it's on a GREAT location. Very close to two underground stations, right next to Hyde Park, in the center of everything really so a lot of places are at a walking distance. If you just need a place to sleep or rest , you get that and a bit extra! It was a nice experience, not as bad at all as I expected it to be.

  2. Adil From England On May 21, 2015

    best hostel ever!

  3. Marina From Croatia On May 19, 2015

    It was great, perfect for staying in London. I would just add more electricity sockets in a room....or extension cords with more sockets (it was 6 of us in a room - 6 phones to charge + 2 2 sockets were not enough) :)

  4. maria de la paz From Argentina On May 17, 2015

    Some guests are really awful and there is people that actually live there, so the ambience is rare and we didn't trust the place to leave valuable things in the room.

  5. VINCZE PALKO From Romania On March 24, 2015

    My experience in this hostel was far from the worst I could imagine (in a negative way). The first shock was at the reception, where we found out that they accept cash only. Second shock: 5 pound/towel (we didn't pay, we used our sheets as a towel). We had the 6 bed room for 6 of us. The room had 2 bunk beds (each 3 beds), a sink and 1 chair. No closets, no table, no hangers, it was a disaster. The hostel looked and smelled like a hospital/mental institution, the kitchen was in the basement (really really dirty), and you couldn't sleep in the night because people from the other rooms were shouting all the time. The breakfast was really poor: milk with the cheapest cereal, and bread with butter and jam; no way you could be satisfied with that meal. The only (slightly) positive thing was the position of the hostel.

  6. Norbert From Hungary On March 22, 2015

    Don't expect much from this hostel. You will sleep in 3 level beds, the rooms look more like prison cells, no table, or any furniture in the rooms whatsoever. The guards came to one of my friends room while I was there telling me to go to my room when I finish talking...NO PRIVACY, Look for another place if you want to go to London.

  7. Ondrej From Ireland On March 10, 2015

    Mental asylum, not a hostel. Neglected maintenance, weird smell, some rooms and kitchen resemble some horror movies, noise from a washing machine or a boiler just behind the wall can drive you crazy. No wonder why Americans make movies like Hostel, now I know where they were inspired. I have been in couple of hostels in Europe and this one was defo the worst! I have learned a lot about myself and my endurance during the stay. Only good thing is location, but it doesn't compensate the rest.

  8. Renske From Netherlands On February 23, 2015

    When we arrived at the hostel. the toilet was very dirty and we have to clean it ourselves before we gould use it. The kitchen dirty also, but I know the guests have to keep it clean. The staff was very friendly and helpfull.

  9. alessio From Italy On February 11, 2015

    stay away from room 39

  10. Rafa From Spain On February 2, 2015

    It's a great hostal. I really recommend it. Maybe the breakfast is the best you can find there. Baths and showers clean. The only "problem" I had was the pay of Wifi, but it's not too expensive. Excellent situated.

  11. Kirilka From Bulgaria On December 22, 2014

    Take a care about your device... MOBILE PHONES, COMPUTERS and e.c

  12. Carla From Italy On November 25, 2014

    I felt like a great actress working in a war movie where the staff seemed to be part of the enemy camp !! Also:communal showers !!! I've been for a few days there in the summer of 2013. I have traveled a lot, but this was the worst place I have ever been!

  13. Sandra From Poland On November 17, 2014

    I had 18- people room. It was small and not so clean. There was only one woman shower and one for man on my floor, also two toilets. There is a kitchen and dinning room, You can eat a breakfast (cornflaks and tosts with jam). Big + is location, near the Oxford Street and metro station. I recommend city bicycles, which are more chiper than underground. You also have to pay a bail for yours key card (10£) and Vat (20%).

  14. Andrásné From Hungary On October 30, 2014

    Our problem: cleanliness, toilet not be closed; isn't a chair, table .... you can't your stuff, just dump your clothes on the floor ... There isn't wi-fi the bill is higher than the specified confirmation.

  15. Jaime From Portugal On October 22, 2014

    dirty, disorganized, badly attended, very strange people, drunks, severely degraded building. The worst place I've ever been, never intend to return

  16. Melanie From Austria On October 12, 2014

    We would not recommend this hostel to other travellers. It is far too expensive concerning the double room and its quality. You can really check in at a nice place for the same price as well. in general the entire facility is a bit dirty and unpleasant.

  17. Victoria From Spain On October 6, 2014

    Bathtomms were dirty and smell Bad ll the time, they should be clean, all bathrooms and showers need a renewal. First night when we arrived, recepcionist was ride and the man who vale with is till the rooms was drunk, we need to Ask again in the morning about all the information again, recepcionist in the morning was kinda Nice, also the red hair girl who clean was very Nice. We didnt like hostel at all, I've been in another hostel and there is a big difference, we were so dissspointed that out last night in London we prefer sleeping in the airports floor than in the hostel.

  18. Aliaksandr From Belarus On September 12, 2014

    Could be better. There isn't free wi-fi, unfortunately

  19. Lukas From Germany On August 26, 2014

    the receptionists were very unfriendly and felt like we are the guys who can say something and you have no choice because we are the cheapest one

  20. Fushen From China On August 10, 2014

    Never ever book this hostel. No wifi, no hot water in some bathrooms,no good lounge,laundry is expensive ,staff unprofessional, terrible beds. Very very small room.