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In the house Hodak we dispose of 8 double-bed rooms, each room includes its own bathroom and balcony.
In the backyard there is a swing for children and a bench for a pleasant and recreative stay.

The house is located at a favorable location. You need only couple of minutes to some of the tourist destinations such as the National Park Plitvice Lakes, village Korana, caves of Baraceve or Dreznik Grad.
Available on for guests is mini restaurant with kitchen and grill.
Offer for breakfast:
Croatian breakfast
Bread, butter, ham, cheese, patty, marmalade, home-made honey, eurocream, cornflakes, chocolatecornflakes, hot milk, cold milk, coffee, cacaomilk / hot chocolate, tee, orange juiceInevitable, Plitvice Lakes are the Croatian and world's pearl for visitation. For a basic sightseeing you need one day, for a deeper visitation you need at least 2 days. You can visit the Plitvice Lakes at any time of the year because each season offers a distinct and unique view of the natural beauty. A travel by boat and train is included in the ticket price.
In the winter season, skiing is possible at the skiing-centre Mukinje.
The caves of Baraceve in Nova Krslja are also worth for visitation. After 112 years of the first opeining, the caves have been restored and opened for visitation. We recommend you to visit this beautiful creation of the nature.Village Korana is located at the river Korana in the direction to Plitvice Lakes. The architecture is old-fashioned in order to conserve the historical heritage. There is a mill, water drive sawmill and a promenade along the river for sightseeing. In the summer, swimming is feasible in the clear waters of Korana.village of Rastoke is situated in the city of Slunj at the confluence of the river Slunjcica. Similar to the village Korana, the buildings are old-fashioned. The abundance of waterfalls, little lakes and old bridges conjure up a picture of fairy-tale environment. For the visitation you need approximately two hours. The village is about 18 km remote of us A 2,2 km long promenade was built along the river Korana between the villages Catrnja and Dreznik Grad. The promenade, which for the most parts does not have any inclinations, provides a perfect view on the beautiful scenery of the region. An old, now restored, mill is situated at the beginning of the promenade in Catrnja. The end of the promenade marks the old town of Dreznik Grad.
cycling is your passion, there are approximately 60 km of cycling track which will guide you directly in adventure through wooded and mountainous parts of Plitvice Lakes and its surroundings. We have created a professional cycling map for your better orientation. The map is available at our place as well as in the tourist agency Preslica and tourist agency TZ Rakovica.


  • Parking lot
  • Internet access
  • Internet access
  • Heating


  • standard with view double bed private with Watercloset (bathroom)

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  1. Gaia From Italy On November 30, -0001

    There was no tv and no air conditioning in the bedroom and it was way too hot to sleep well. By the way, the bedrooms were nice and close to Plitvice Lakes National Park's main entrance.

  2. Kathrin From Austria On November 30, -0001

    it was not that easy to find, but after one phonecall the owner of the hotel collected us from a petrol station and lead us to house hodak. he was very kind and the rooms where clean and looked nice.

  3. DAVID From Spain On November 30, -0001

    generally excellent in all aspects but CREDIT CARD is not accepted, only cash (euros or Kunas).