Santa Cruz La Laguna - Xicoy

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A hotel? Well, we prefer to consider Isla Verde a garden of delights; a place to disconnect, to laze about and enjoy...a place with no tv but a gorgeous nature that will fill your senses, with no air conditioning but a cosy fireplace, with no roads but gorgeous paths leading to enchanted places, with no fast food but gourmet home made delights. A place where one can live without the slavery of time...Eight private cabins from where to admire the sun rising above Lake Atitlan. Our rooms have been designed to experience nature without giving up confort: local woven materials, natural wood and breath taking views have been our main ingredients. Sleep with the stars, the moon and the humming birds feeding off your window... breathe, relax, enjoy...Our gardens run from our private dock all the way to the top of a mountain overlooking Lake Atitlan. They are our open air living room; hidden spaces sheltered by ancient trees, cozy hammocks, spacious seats, the shade of a banana tree, the sound of birds, of running water, the scent of flowers, a book, a chat, a siesta, a swim, a fresh juice - all conceived to bewitch the senses.In our restaurant you will find international cuisine with a personal touch, traditional receipts jazzed up with modern concepts... our dishes are home made from scratch using the best ingredients, lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs from our garden and tons of love. Treat yourself to the smell of organic coffee, some cake, good company and a view to die for... Could it possibly get any better?...Lots of pillows, chill out music, a seducing view, a nice chat, treat yourself to one of our natural fruit power drinks... fancy a cocktail?


  • Security boxes / Lockers
  • Security boxes / Lockers
  • Security boxes / Lockers
  • Laundry
  • Internet access
  • Internet access
  • Bar
  • Beach
  • Pickups / Shuttle from airport
  • Restaurant
  • Games room


  • 2 bed/s private with Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 2 bed/s private shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 3 bed/s private shared Watercloset (bathroom)
  • double bed private with Watercloset (bathroom)
  • deluxe with view 6 bed/s private with Watercloset (bathroom)

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