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Mongolian Resorts, the country's first upscale luxury resort and adventure travel tour operator is located just 35 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar on over 170 hectares of pristine Mongolian land. The resort provides an ideal starting point for your travel in Mongolia.

Featuring two distict land geographies, Mongolian Resorts rests on over 170 hectares of virgin land only 20 kilometers from the Airport. The first resort titled Plateau Mongolie highlights the vast Steppe of the Mongolian nation. Nestled on a plateau overlooking miles of open land and skies, the resort is surrounded by a mountain range situated far in the distance illuminating the vast scale of the Mongolian landscape. The second resort, a further 8 kilometers into the Haert Khaan mountain range, features rolling hills and forrests filled with pine and birch treas and highlighted by unique rock formations. The terrain offers wonderful landscape for trekking, mountain biking and ATV adventures in a scenic and very private setting.

Our nomadic ger suites have been designed to accommodate a peaceful existance with luxurious platform beds, a lounge and meeting place, a dining area, as well as an outside tent covered area for gazing at the open steppes. Designed to fit up to four people the gers are fitted with one queen size bed as well as two couches that can be converted to beds in the evening.

Constructed as an eight wall ger, this extra large living space can fit up to five people or just two depending on necesity. Designed as one open room these quarters give you the experience of nomadic living while providing a large amount of open luxuriously furnished space for your comfort. Located at the upper level of the resort these suites give the optimal view of the resort as well as the vast steppes which it overlooks. Order afternoon tea under the large tent just outside the ger.

Lodge Villas:

These deluxe 3 bedroom villas are located by the lodge on the edge of the plateau looking over the vast steppes. Featuring two floors, an open terrace as well as a bedroom balcony these suites offer the finest views and service to our discerning guests. Have breakfast served on the terrace or a massage in the spacious confines of these elegantly appointed villas.

Spa Villas:

Annexed to the luxurious spa these villas offer easy access to the various activities and adventures offered by the resort as well as a bird’s eye view of the vast steppes. Fitted with an expansive balcony and touch and go jacuzzi the spa villa is perfect for our guests which demand to be spoiled.

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