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Strategically located along Temple Street in the heart of beautiful Kuching City, 'singgahsana lodge' is only 20 steps from the famed Kuching Waterfront and 15 steps diagonally across from the oldest Chinese Tua Pek Kong Temple .

Straddled between the old and new quarters of the city, you could spend the morning walking along quaint narrow alleyways in old Kuching where tinsmiths noisily go about their work, spice and textile traders selling their merchandise and then spend the afternoon wandering around modern malls in new Kuching afterwards.

As passionate travellers, it is our dream to own a little sanctuary at home where we can travel vicariously through hosting fellow travellers and to share travel tales with. ‘Singgahsana’ is the fulfilment of this dream.

Having stayed in every sort of accommodation imaginable worldwide from the immaculate to the appalling, singgahsana is our version of the ideal home away from home.

During our ‘shoe string’ travels, rarely do we get to experience the essence of the destination within our lodging spaces except for the odd night where we splurge and check into a luxurious heritage hotel. As avid art appreciators and owners of an art gallery, we attempt to infuse singgahsana with our touch of Sarawak Style. Our guests will know that they are in exotic Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo when they awake each morning to a room filled with unique local decor. Artefacts collected from the 30 or more ethnic tribes of Sarawak adorn each room and common area. Even the ubiquitous lamps of your room would have been cleverly made out of utilitarian baskets and the floor covered with rattan and bark mats.

Travel photographs decorate each wall bringing sweet memories of the many destinations we have or should travel to.

Regular travels abroad have made us appreciate our home even more. Sarawak's great diversity both in its peoples and its nature makes it totally unique. But above all these, our Bornean home is exceptionally special because of its ‘sickeningly’ warm hospitality as aptly put by a friend and regular visitor to Sarawak.

We hope to have the opportunity to make your stay in Kuching and Sarawak a magical one.

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