Chengyang wind and rain bridge scenic area, Sanjiang,Guangxi,China

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€ 3.67 average price per Dorm/bed (the price is per 1 night only)

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Chengyang Yang's Guest House is a wooden building and has 8 rooms, 4 of them have private bathroom. The rooms are clean. The guesthouse has a cosy restaurant (and the cooking is good), free internet and English newpapers available. Also Yang will tell you other tour info for example: There is a large market about 20 minutes away by bus on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th of every month that you can fit into your walk.
Chengyang Yang’s guesthouse you can rently a bicycle, also you can pay all the bill will credit card.
Chengyang Bridge scenic spot lies in the northeast of sanjiang county, 19KM from the town. It’s the focal point scenic spot in guangxi, the Dong representative scenic spot of travel of conditions and customs in Guilin large to travels and encloses. Scenic spot has 8KM more unbroken, key beauty spot, praised as world four major history, one of famous bridge national major history and cultural sites under state protection positive bridge of Yongji Bridge.The Rongji bridge was built in 1912 with a stone and wood framework, the bridge is 64.4 meters long, 3.4 meters wide and 10.6m high. The body of the bridge is divided to three tiers, with five piers and 4 bridge openings, each of which spans 14.4 meters. The bridge has five pavilions built at regular intervals with flying eaves and a unique style. The pilasters and eaves of the bridge are engraved with flowers and patterns and are quite magnificent. This is considered to be the finest example of this kind of architecture and construction of it kind. The bridge is totally constructed from timber with wood and contains no steel nail or rivets. The construction of this bridge emphasizes the high architectural and construction abilities of the Dong people. The bridge is serves as a gathering point for the temple fairs as well as a means of crossing the river.
Famous Chengyang genital eight stockaded village, namely saddle, Ma’an village, Ping village, Da village, Dong village, Yan village, Pingpu village, Jichang 8 stockadeds village of Dong. Iside eight stockaded villages, there is old waterwheel group; The typical local-style dwelling houses of Dong stockaded village hang floor of foot; Magical drum-tower group; Original and different each Dong stockaded village of one group of connections of shelter bridge. Industry, intelligence, kindhearted, hospitable, fellow-villager of Dong.
This scenic spot has “township for hundred of festival” remarkable, see the first day in the first month of the lunar year that the bride carries water; Bridergroom’s wine on second day in the first month of the lunar year; Festival of the firecracker of the seventh day of the first month of the lunar year; Hit the tea-oil camellia on Grain Rain; Reed-pope wind instrument step on hall will it be the Mid-autumn Festival August; celebrate the winter festival; singing “yesong”.
Men and Women, old and young wear splendid attire, blow afloat reed-pope wind instrument, beat dance of blowing one happy festival time, Interesting a group of joyous songs. Hold above one aromatic Dong house block the way wine, taste Dong flavor for less than a century, the product the millennium Dong feeling, The guest is not too drunk to know to return.


  • Parking lot
  • Security boxes / Lockers
  • Security boxes / Lockers
  • Security boxes / Lockers
  • Laundry
  • Internet access
  • Internet access
  • Bar
  • Heating
  • Swimming pool
  • Pickups / Shuttle from airport
  • Indoor parking / garage
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Rent a bike
  • Bike Rental
  • Games room


  • standard double bed private with Watercloset (bathroom)
  • standard with view 2 bed/s mixed dorm with Watercloset (bathroom)

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