No.23 , Xiahongxue Lane, Yuzhong District, Chongqing

Price rates

€ 15.79 average price per room/bed (the price is per 1 night only)
€ 4.77 average price per Dorm/bed (the price is per 1 night only)

Info & Description

Chongqing Shangyue Ming-Qing Hostel is located in No. 23 Xiahongxue Avenue , just beside the Chongqing HuGuang Guild Hall, the National AAAA tourist spot. It is a very traditional square building with two floors and two yards, and with a long history of 300 years, dating back to the end of Ming Dynasty and beginning of Qing Dynasty. It is called one of the Three New Tourist Spots of Chongqing Yuzhong District with the other two, Xiejia Courtyard and Former Residence of Huziang. Ming-Qing Hostel is based on Ming-Qing style and relied on the Bashu Culture and it is the witness of 300 years Chongqing immigration culture and even the direct feeler of the Chaotianmen Dock culture. Chongqing Ming-Qing Hostel is the leading residential museum style hotel in the west of China and all without exception, from Lamas and Living Buddhas to Industry Leaders, from Business Talents to Men of Letters, will flock together at this lucky hostel. The hostel is located in the area where two rivers join so that you could enjoy the beautiful view of the Yangtze River roaring east and it is only 5 minutes’ walk away from the luxurious commercial center, which helps you to appreciate the graceful bearing of this rapidly developing city, the fourth municipality under the direct administration of the central government and the biggest industrial center in the west of China. The hostel is absolutely an ideal place for your tour, holiday, business and meeting, providing a unique atmosphere for tourist exchange and a perfect experience for living by its grassy yard, green trees, winding paths leading to secluded spots as well as convenient transportation extending in all directions. The decoration of the hostel is based on historical original appearance and compromises classic and fashion. There are modern standard rooms and luxury suites with water, heating, power, bath and internet access. Modern and classic facilities are well combined and mutually reinforced, so the living environment is both quiet and comfortable.
Chongqing Ming-Qing Hostel has its special decoration inside. The whole structure is used by brick and wood and many flowers and grasses are scattered inside. There are hand-made drawings from famous artists on the wall of each room so you can enjoy the strong and time honored artistic sense of culture.
The hostel is equipped with a leisure bar for guests. When you are feeling tired you could invite your friends to come over and have tea here and that will be an unforgettable memory.
If you stay at Ming-Qing Hostel,
You could take in as much as you like the profound cultural foundation of the city!
Could appreciate as much as you like the charm of the development of the city!
Could experience as much as you like the unique style of folk houses of the city!
Could enjoy as much as you like the wonderful time together with your friends!

The whole staffs of Chongqing Shangyue Ming-Qing Hostel welcome your stay here!


* ONLY ABOUT 2 minutes` walk to the Supermarket
* ONLY ABOUT 15 minutes` walk to the city center{Liberation Monument}
* ONLY ABOUT 15 minutes` walk to Chaotianmen Port and Chaotianmen Bus Station
* ONLY ABOUT 15 minutes` walk to the Cableway(Changjiang River)
* ONLY ABOUT 15 minutes` walk to the Metro Station
* ONLY ABOUT 10 minutes` bus to Caiyuanba Station (Chongqing Station)
*Many good hot-pot restaurants and local food restaurants are around.
And it is really easy to take transportation to anywhere you want to go.

••••••••••••••••••••ATTRACTIONS NEARBY••••••••

Huguang Guild
Chaotianmen Square
Chongqing Planning Exhibition Hall
Chaotianmen Port
Arhats Temple
Liberation Monument
Yangtze River Cable Car
The People`s Hall and Three Gorges Museum


Free Internet and Wireless
Free luggage storage
Free security lockers
Free books and magazines
Free DVDs
Free local map
Free Internet and Wireless
Free security lockers for dorm rooms
Free suggestiones about travel route in Chongqing
24-hour hot water
Self- service laundry
Organize Three Gorges cruise tour,Chongqing tour,Dazu Stone Caved tour,etc.
Chinese kong fu tea show
English-speaking tour guides

If you need more information about us, please visit our Website where you can know more about our city and us,of cause email will be convinent still if you want.And we’d like to invite all of our fellow travelers come to Chongqing and enjoy a special stay in Chongqing Sunrise Mingqing Hostel, Just believe that we will always be with you!

With our best regards!


  • Air conditioning
  • Security boxes / Lockers
  • Security boxes / Lockers
  • Security boxes / Lockers
  • Internet access
  • Internet access
  • Bar
  • Heating
  • Room service
  • Rent a bike
  • Bike Rental


  • standard double bed private with Watercloset (bathroom)
  • standard 1 bed/s private with Watercloset (bathroom)
  • deluxe double bed private with Watercloset (bathroom)
  • standard 2 bed/s private with Watercloset (bathroom)
  • superior 3 bed/s private with Watercloset (bathroom)
  • 4 bed/s mixed dorm with Watercloset (bathroom)

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