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    Time: Daily Daily
    Cost: Apr-Dec: DKr 100; students DKr50; under 18s freeJan-Apr: DKr 50; students DKr25; under 18s free

    The Old Town in Aarhus (National Open-Air Museum of Urban History and Culture) is a village museum made up of 75 historical buildings collected from 20 townships around Denmark. Museum staff work in the roles and clothes of typical villagers.

    The museum buildings are organised into a small village of chiefly half-timbered structures originally erected between 1550 and the late 1800s in various parts of the country and later moved to Aarhus during the 1900s. There are some 27 rooms, chambers or kitchens, 34 workshops, 10 groceries or shops, five historical gardens, a post office, a customs office, a school and a theatre.

    The village itself is the main attraction but most buildings are open for visitors; rooms are either decorated in the original historical style or organised into larger exhibits.

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