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    Time: Daily Mon 1.30pm-8pm; Tue-Sun 8.30am-3pm (8am-8pm Apr-Oct)
    Cost: €7; concessions €3; children free

    Home to the world's finest collection of ancient Greek art, the marble-floored National Archaeological Museum, near Omonia, displays larger-than-life sculptures of heroes from Greek mythology, and intricately crafted gold jewellery and weaponry, including Agamemnon's 3600-year-old death mask.

    The National Archaeological Museum is the most important archaeological museum in Greece, and one of more than 50 museums which deal with antiquities in the Hellenic region. It has one of the richest archaeological collections in the world and holds culturally valuable remains from all the diverse cultures which flourished in Greece.

    Permanent collections are grouped by the following titles: Prehistoric Items, Sculpture, Pottery and Minor Art, Bronzes and Egyptian Art. Highlights include the Diadoumenos, a bronze Roman copy of a 430 BC sculpture of a young athlete found in Delos; the statue of a Nereid (a mermaid of the Mediterranean) found in Epidaurus and dated to 380 BC and a marble sculptural group of Aphrodite and Pan found on Delos and dating to 100 BC.

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