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Dublin Fun in Christmas Breeze

Dublin City offers you a wide range of scenic spots and tourist attraction during the holiday season. Dublin also has many premier shops, restaurants, and night-time hot spots. Come and see the spectacular and extravagant lights in the street of O?Connell. Enjoy on-street Christmas carollers as their song drifts throughout the city. Opening of the Farmleigh House in public wherein it will be decorated by shinning shimmering Christmas lights and decors. Different activities such as story telling for the children, flower arranging and plenty of singing to help you get into the spirit of the festive season. Dublin is Ireland's centre of art, history and culture and its National Museums are must see attractions. One of this must see an attraction is the Irish Museum of the Modern art. It is the Ireland's leading national institution for the collection and presentation of modern and contemporary art. The Museum... Continue reading

The Magic in Dublin

It is a magical feeling to spend your New Year in a city where it is bound with great entertainment. New Year's Eve celebrations range from pub-crawling to nightclubbing to extravagant dinners to live music black tie balls. So all you have to do a dodge a few drunken revelers on your night out. There are so many different types of pubs in Dublin that if you are looking for loud music and a young crowd or some live traditional music you will find it. If you want to see live bands some venues to check out would be Whelan's, Vicar St, the Olympia Theatre and the Temple Bar Music Centre. Christ Church is one of Dublin's most famous landmarks and is located in the city centre so it is easy to find. The best thing about this celebration is that is free, something rare in Dublin... Continue reading