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    1. Raffaele From Italy On November 30, -0001

      I think that it's a real good Hostel...and the Staff is really friendly...the better? IVAN...a great boy!

    2. Daniel From Germany On November 30, -0001

      It is a good place to stay. It was a really nice time and the hostel is very central located.

    3. Pei-Yu From Singapore On November 30, -0001

      The staff was very helpful and very hospitable. The location is close to the metro but is not in a very desirable part of Athens. Overall it was a decent hostel for the few days we stayed there.

    4. Ermenko From Bulgaria On November 30, -0001

      New, clean, pleasant bathroom in the room. Friendly staff. Close to Omonia metrostation. On a Vathos square/noisy, but more quiet during the night. Free Internet. Old style. Not a luxury, but very cheap rooms exist.

    5. Renata From Italy On November 30, -0001

      the area is absolutely dreadfull, there are whores fighting in the corners (in every single one) and a refugee shelter next door. also we came across a crime scene and 20 swat armed police like 3 blocks away from the hostel.

    6. Michael From Austria On November 30, -0001

      Bad neighborhood, but central location near Omonia Square, with access to two metro lines. Staff was friendly. If there is some problem (air conditioning turned off, no fresh towels, etc.), they will immediately fix it, if you ask them. Our room was tidy and rather quiet, but apparently some other rooms are noisy (e.g. next to the shower). Shower was fairly clean, and I never had to wait for it. Our room had a TV (and therefore also a power socket).

    7. ANA From Colombia On November 30, -0001

      it is a really nice place :) the one thing that bothered me is that there are no plugs inside the rooms to charge phones or use hairdriers. The bar is a bit loud on the first floor, but is is always fun to see people drunk! the older gentleman is super nice ;)

    8. Lourdes Isabel From Mexico On November 30, -0001

      this hostel is good!!! the personal are really helpfull, the only thing bad are the locarion, in the night is a little bad, but in the morning is really easy get in the important places. good hostel

    9. Constantin From Germany On November 30, -0001

      All in all ok. Low price hostel in the middle of the center. Very noisy all day and night! The area arount the hostel doesn't look very safe at night. But you will miss 24h running hot water and AC. To provid you need to ask every day again. Why? I don' t know!

    10. lina From Colombia On November 30, -0001

      excellent stuff, the rooms are very clean it is located in the center od athens but it is realy near from the metro so its easy to move to the turist area

    11. Aurelie From France On November 30, -0001

      The most horrible place I've ever been to, and I've travelled a lot! There are prostitutes in the street where the hotel is as well as retarded people, fishy guys, etc!!!! DON'T GO THERE!

    12. Ana From Brazil On November 30, -0001

      the toilet are terrible!!! And on the rooms there aren`t points to charge the bateries. Terrible...

    13. Beata From Poland On November 30, -0001

      The absolut number one was lacation. You can reach on foot every touristic attraction. The staff was also very nice and helpful. The street was very noisy, so we culdn't sleep very well. For this price the offer is excellent :-)

    14. Ann-Marie From Ireland On November 30, -0001

      george was very "friendly"!!!

    15. Michael From Germany On November 30, -0001

      very loud room, my wife could´nt sleep, aircondition did´nt work, dirty..lot´s of dark long hair on sheet

    16. Arianna From Italy On November 30, -0001

      if is your cheapest option, then fine! otherwise don't book here. they know exactly what their problems are, and they do not try or at least pretend to do any improvements. even if you notice it. in my opinion they just don't care.

    17. antonio From Italy On November 30, -0001

      Better never forget this: ALL the offers could be improved and get better. After this, at the price of ten euros per night, i think you couldn't pretend ALL items (electricity, hot shower..) works perfetly. Good and helpful people anyway.

    18. Tahereh From Iran On November 30, -0001

      it was very dirty with a lot of beetle's, without elavator in bad region in Atheana. I will never ever suggest you to try it

    19. Emily From Australia On November 30, -0001

      would not recommend this hostel. the staff tried to be helpful, although their information wasn't very accurate. The area where this hostel is, is not a very safe area, we were not comfortable here. We did not recieve the room we had asked for and were given a room with a double bed, we did not want to share, and the floorboards in our room were broken and not very secure. We ended up leaving by 8pm the first night and finding something else.

    20. Lea From Denmark On November 30, -0001

      The hostel itself was okay. On the page it said they had a frige and a bar, no frige and the bar was shot down/closed. The area on the other hand is a bad bad area at night with hookers, junkies ect. Otherwise close to a metro and the very center of Athens.