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    1. Janko From Serbia On November 30, -0001

      All was good and decent. Pros: $ mixed rooms have separate bathroom so if you come late, you dont have to wake your roomates. Good hostel

    2. adrian From Spain On November 30, -0001

      Great place to be for a few days. Great experience

    3. Yuri From Japan On November 30, -0001

      It was a real cool hostel and liked how the environment of the k-studio was meant to be suitable for decent resting. However, the atmosphere wasn't so friendly and I couldn't have my prepaid breakfast the day of my check-out since I had to leave before 8. Otherwise, I'd recommend it to others that want to visit Berlin.

    4. Javier Manuel From Spain On November 30, -0001

      I recommend this hostel becauseof the quality of its installations, and its staff. who is friendly and proffesional. Specially Diana and Paula that with their beautiful spanisch accent make us feel at home and their smile showus the best of Berlin. 100% recommended for everyone

    5. Tim From Germany On November 30, -0001

      I tried 5 hostels in berlin - this one was the best

    6. Hanna From Germany On November 30, -0001

      I spent two weeks in this hostel and I really enjoyed my stay. I had to switch rooms three times though which was really inconvenient

    7. Reinier From Netherlands On November 30, -0001

      nice place

    8. Vasilii Tereshchenko, From Russia On November 30, -0001

      Good hostel, but not the best I've been to. The toilet is private, but situated outside the room,that is totally inconvenient.

    9. marisa From Argentina On November 30, -0001


    10. HARIM From South Korea On November 30, -0001

      Great! I had a good time thank you

    11. Vinicius From Brazil On November 30, -0001

      Excellent Hostel, with a very good location and services.

    12. Alessandro From Italy On November 30, -0001

      I was in Berlin with 2 friends and we slept in a Studio for 3 people (+kitchen and privat Bath). It was cool!

    13. Vikki From USA On November 30, -0001

      Location great but staff seemed put out when you asked questions. not warm and friendly like other hostels. No good areas to gather since not able to sit and visit in eating area unless buying your food and drink. should group rooms a bit by age, never got any sleep. Yep I'm not 20.

    14. Nádia From Portugal On November 30, -0001

      good hostel

    15. Mikael From Sweden On November 30, -0001

      A nice place!

    16. Jane From Sweden On November 30, -0001

      baxpax downtown is a cosy and friendly. The staff is lovely and helpful and it's close to most things. We really enjoyed it. Danke schön.

    17. Jiangping From China On November 30, -0001

      good position and stuff!

    18. Igor From Brazil On November 30, -0001

      very good

    19. IOANNIS From Greece On November 30, -0001

      nice place

    20. Anna From Russia On November 30, -0001

      Very good place, friendly staff!