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    1. El Mehdi From Morocco On November 30, -0001

      Good value hostel and not far away from the downtown

    2. Jay From Australia On November 30, -0001

      Nice hostel, good value. more like a hotel than a hostel. Not as social as I would have liked. But otherwise I would recommend this hostel.

    3. philippine From France On November 30, -0001

      the hostel is very clean, the bedroom are well organized. The staff is very nice and helpful. The hostel is a bit far from the city centre but you can take the tramway and it's very quick! I will definitely recommend this hostel!

    4. philippine From France On November 30, -0001

      very good location, close to restaurants, pubs, nightclubs... The bedrooms are very clean and spacy. But the staff is not very organised (they take 15 minutes to find your reservation) and they really should clean the bathroom more often!!

    5. HUBERT From Poland On November 30, -0001

      It was better than OK.

    6. Fabio From Brazil On November 30, -0001

      A nice place to stay, though I wouldn't stay there again. I would prefer somewhere closer to the city center.

    7. Clara From France On November 30, -0001

      It's a real good place !!! Go there

    8. marta From Spain On November 30, -0001

      Love czech inn hostel! Breakfast is huge and staff is supernice and helpful. Highly recommended, i d love to come back!

    9. Teresa From Portugal On November 30, -0001

      The single most significant criticism I have to make is in relation to antipathetic and lack of professionalism of one of the reception employee, which justifies the quote I gave in some parameters. About the rest, very good!

    10. Richard From England On November 30, -0001

      Very nice hostel!

    11. Julia From Germany On November 30, -0001

      Great hostel, staff is very friendly, everything you need!

    12. Natnael From Italy On November 30, -0001

      Great hostel .. Good location

    13. Thomas From USA On November 30, -0001

      Czech Inn is spotlessly clean; I didn't see one speck of dust. The rooms are light and airy, and the furnishings are relatively new. The staff were very friendly. The problem with this hostel is that is it a PARTY HOSTEL and was VERY NOISY. The guys didn't turn the lights out until after midnight both nights. Unfortunately, there are no small lights or small lamps to keep on in the dorms: it's either bright lights or nothing. Guys kept arriving home all night as late as 4 in the morning, both nights. Both nights, even though the bar in the basement closes at 1, there was loud music playing nearby all night. All night many partiers somewhere very close by, laughed, drank, and screamed until about. It's a shame that such a clean friendly hostel is so horribly noisy at night.

    14. Alice From Brazil On November 30, -0001

      Nice staff. Not great pilows and the showers can be anoying ..

    15. JAIME From Mexico On November 30, -0001

      very nice hostel!!!

    16. Anne From Austria On November 30, -0001

      The breakfast was really amazing!! We've saved a lot of monez because we ate so much in the morning!

    17. Derek From Puerto Rico On November 30, -0001

      The Hostel is awesome. It takes about 15 minutes on the 22 tram to get to Old Town Square. The only other problem was that not all the outlets in the room worked. It really is hands down one of the best hostels you can find in Europe. I would recommend it to anyone that is staying in Prague.

    18. Jennifer From Canada On November 30, -0001

      I spent 5 days at this hostel and it was great. It was clean, quiet and very affordable. The location wasn't too bad either. The trams stop right outside the hostel so it was easy to reach other parts of the city. We had two showers in the room and they were very spacious. There are few mini marts outside the hostel so that was convenient too. The pillow and the blanket were clean and warm. It was very secure and safe too. Overall, I think it was one of the best hostels I've stayed at.

    19. Maciej From Canada On November 30, -0001

      Very clean, good area with a great breakfast offer (A bit more expensive but worth it for what you get) One thing i didn't like, the bar closes at 12, so for you who is looking for a hostel that has a social area that stays lively all nigth to meet people, not really the place. But if your looking for a beautiful clean hostel, this is your place

    20. dominique From Peru On November 30, -0001

      incredible! its amazing! but dont have kitchen that was the only thing i dont like.. but was great!