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    Time: Daily; not Mon Tue-Sun 10am-5pm (until 6pm Sat-Sun)
    Cost: €5; concessions €4; under 18s free

    Adjacent to the Royal Palace, the BELvue Museum is dedicated to the history of Belgium. Despite its petite size and relatively young age, the country has a fascinating history and now plays a predominant role as the "capital of Europe".

    From the popular 1830s independence uprising, to today's fragile and complicated Belgian federal state, there will be few secrets left about the country's past after a visit to the BELvue. Visitors are encouraged to browse through historical documents and photos, view rare film fragments and admire unique historical objects.

    Milestones from Belgian history, such as the struggle for universal suffrage, the World Wars, the Golden Sixties, Congo's independence and the recent constitutional reforms are presented in an approachable and informative manner.

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