Bullfighting Museum

Cost: Not Specified
Madrid's Bullfighting Museum, the Museo Taurino, is located inside Madrid's premier red-brick Las Ventas Bullring. As well as looking at the history and development of bullfighting, the museum displays different styles of costumes and capes worn by... Continue reading


Cost: Free
CaixaForum Madrid is a contemporary art space located on Madrid's leafy Paseo del Prado. Housed in a revamped power station, the innovative building hosts a changing programme of exhibitions, film cycles and concerts across its six floors. Swiss a... Continue reading

Costume Museum

Cost: €3; concessions €1.50; under 18s free
The Costume Museum (Museo del Traje) in Madrid's Moncloa district displays some of Spain's most precious threads, from tenderly preserved medieval garments to contemporary designer couture by Dior and Balenciaga. A free audio guide is included in t... Continue reading

Descalzas Reales Monastery

Cost: €5; concessions €2.50-€4
Descalzas Reales Monastery, located close to the Plaza del Sol, was founded in 1564 and is still active today. It is an oasis of calm filled with art treasures, including elaborate floor-to-ceiling frescoes and paintings by Rubens and Titian. Hous... Continue reading

KIO Towers

Cost: Free
Also known as the Gate of Europe, the leaning KIO Towers on Castellana resemble a pair of designer stereo speakers. Originally planned to symbolise Spain's new economic dawn in the early 1980s, they were finally finished in 1996.... Continue reading

Lázaro Galdiano Museum

Cost: €4; concessions €2
The Lázaro Galdiano Museum houses prized paintings by Spanish, Flemish and English masters. Located in the exclusive Salamanca neighbourhood, highlights of the museum include two Goya paintings of witches and Bosch's St John the Baptist in the Wil... Continue reading

Museum of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Arts

Cost: €3; concessions €1.50; students free
Former San Fernando Royal Academy of Arts students include Dalí, who was expelled, and Picasso. He didn't excel either but did leave some sketches behind, held in the city centre Museum along with works by Goya, Sorrolla and Rubens.... Continue reading

Parque del Buen Retiro

Cost: Free
Buen Retiro Park ("The Retiro"), near The Prado Museum, is a large 17th-century French-style garden. Highlights include the Alfonso XII Monument overlooking the boating lake, the Crystal Palace, Velázquez Palace and the Fountain of the Falling Ang... Continue reading

Plaza de España

Cost: Free
Plaza de España is dominated by two contrasting buildings, the Soviet-style Edificio de España and Benidorm-style Torre de Madrid from the Franco era. There's also a striking statue of Cervantes watching over his legendary characters Don Quixote ... Continue reading

Plaza Mayor

Cost: Free
Once market square, Plaza Mayor became the Old-Town hub in the 17th century. Its uniform architecture is dominated by the Casa de la Panadería, whose bright frescoes only date to 1992. There's a coin and stamp market here on Sundays. Locals and t... Continue reading

Puerta del Sol

Cost: Free
Eight streets converge on Madrid's Puerta del Sol, a bustling square located at the centre point of Spain (kilómetro cero). Look out for the grand former Post Office building and the Bear and Strawberry Tree statue, the symbol of Madrid. On 31 De... Continue reading

Reina Sofía Museum

Cost: €6; concessions €3;Free Mon & Wed-Fri 7pm-9pm; Sat 2.30pm-9pm; Sun
A modern-art extravaganza, the Reina Sofía Museum in Paseo del Arte is home to Picasso's world-renowned Guernica, as well as works by Dalí, Miró and Juan Gris. The museum grew substantially with the opening of Jean Nouvel's extension in 2005. S... Continue reading

Royal Palace

Cost: €8; concessions €3.50-€6
The Royal Palace in the Old Town is a Neoclassical masterpiece built by Italian architects Juvarra and Sacchetti. Inside is a maze of lavishly decorated chambers. Highlights include ceiling frescoes by Mengs and Tiepelo and Goya's brutally honest r... Continue reading

San Antonio de la Florida Hermitage

Cost: Free
San Antonio de la Florida Hermitage by River Manzanares is an exquisite 18th-century chapel and final resting place of great Spanish artist Goya. The elaborate ceiling frescoes depicting a miracle by Saint Anthony of Padua are among Goya's greatest... Continue reading

Society of Spanish Writers and Editors

Cost: Free
The Society of Spanish Writers and Editors' building is an example of Catalan modernism, a rarity in Madrid and marvellously out of place in Chueca neighbourhood. José Grases Riera's creation resembles a wedding cake that hasn't quite set properly... Continue reading

Teatro Real

Cost: Not Specified
Originally built in 1850 in the Palacio district, Teatro Real was renovated and reopened in 1997. Today it is renowned for its state-of the-art acoustics, hosting opera, concerts and ballet. It is home to the Madrid Symphony Orchestra and Choir. O... Continue reading