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Discover Three Leading Sights in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is a place that offers a lot of tourist attractions that will keep you astonished and entertained. You might want to consider availing a Brussels card which gives you a guide and discounts at several tourist destination as well as free entry to some and free use of public transportati on. A list of these top three “must sees” are enumerated here: Grand Palace This is probably Brussels’ main attraction and at the same time the best place to start your tour. This medieval square was chosen as one of UNESCO’S World Heritage Sites. Go shopping or just relax over some drinks while watching some street performances in this little city. Atomium This unique and huge structure of an atom that was a part of the World Fair Exhibition in the year 1958 has become one of Brussels leading tourist spots. Access 5 out of the 9 spheres of this sci-fi... Continue reading