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Santos Express Train Lodge

Address: Santos Beach - Mossel Bay

Stay on a real train parked right on the beach!! All cabins face the sea. Fall a sleep to the sound of swaying palms and lapping waves. We have singles, doubles and dorms. We also offer a full-on restaurant and a happening bar, beer garden and sun deck. One...

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Delphine From Belgium On November 30, -0001

Sleeping in a different way. Nice. Very small dorms. Nice stay for a couple of nights.

Julie From Norway On November 30, -0001

Our expectations for Santos were quite high, so we were disappointed. The location is great and the concept is fun, but once that wears off, it is basically a tight medium-good hostel. Walls are paperthin, the shower and bathrooms are shared and the door to our cabin didnt close properly. There was no soap in the bathroom and barely hot water in the shower. There is only wifi in the restaurant, and we were not offered towels neither the opportunity to rent some. I am not saying it is horrible, but just know what you are booking and if you think the fun of the concept is worth it.