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  1. Emma From England On November 30, -0001

    The worst, most disgusting place I’ve ever stayed. Not to mention an absolute rip off. We stayed at a super nice and clean hotel closer to Oktoberfest the following night for less money. Steer clear of this place.

  2. Brendan From Spain On November 30, -0001

    his is a campsite specifically designed for young, carefree, Oktoberfest goers who want to have the most amount of fun while spending the least amount of money. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a free beer and a beer bong. For an additional 10 Euro a night, you get UNLIMITED beer and Sangria. Good times. But more important than the free beer, the people that are drawn to this sort of place are one of a kind. You'll definitely make some lifelong friends. I came here alone but went home with a lot of new friends! Highly recommend it for anyone who loves a good party.

  3. cara From Ireland On November 30, -0001

    It was an amazing experience and i will come back to you if i come to Octoberfest again. HOWEVER the food for me and most people i spoke to was uneatable, i didnt eat one dinner or breakfast in my four nights there. I think it needs to be improved or i would just not get the all inclusive next time.

  4. Delcie From USA On November 30, -0001

    fun place!

  5. Peter From USA On November 30, -0001

    so. much. fun. you meet so many new people, great time...oktobefesttt

  6. Gabrielle From USA On November 30, -0001

    It's camping so it's going to be dirty, but the people you meet make it worth it. If you're down for a good time with fellow travelers definitely stay with Stoke!

  7. Stefani From Canada On November 30, -0001

    Awful place to stay. I went with two friends and when we got there, the staff were all hammered. We had to move tents 5 times for various reasons, but mainly because people were already in the tent they gave us. We ended up with a two person tent for 3 people. Couldn't sleep much due to people shouting and screaming all night long. Would only quiet down between 4 and 5 am. The busses are okay to and from the grounds, although you did have to walk quite a ways from the drop off to the fest. Do not stay here unless you like no sleep!

  8. Alexandre From France On November 30, -0001

    Really dirty restrooms. Shower with no hot watter (and not free)

  9. Venot From France On November 30, -0001

    It was a really nice experience!

  10. Jacquelin From Canada On November 30, -0001

    Absolutely unorganized. The entire staff was drunk or on drugs and we had to change tents 5 times. I would recommend to spend a little more and not be cold and wet in this campground.

  11. Kevin From USA On November 30, -0001

    Great staff - returned my lost passport to me

  12. R From France On November 30, -0001

    a very good place with a lot of different people and nice staff

  13. Kyle From USA On November 30, -0001

    Not for anyone who is looking for anything fancy or even a comfortable bed. But I guarantee you will have the time of your life and memories that you may not believe you could have or be proud of.

  14. Jenya From Canada On November 30, -0001

    This is a great place if you want to meet other English speaking travelers and are looking to party a LOT. It's a little far away from the festival grounds but there are free shuttle busses in the morning and night. The staff are awesome too! They're all very friendly and fun!

  15. curtis From Canada On November 30, -0001

    It was awesome!

  16. Jodi From England On November 30, -0001

    hot drunk tour guides - brilliant! awesome weekend! Defo hitting these guys up again for future travels

  17. Gaia From Italy On November 30, -0001

    very nice place, you can get the oktoberfest with a bus stopping out the camping. for dinner we had free barbecue and than a very funny nigh with music, beer and sangria. the only thing is that the matress is not an airmatress, but after a day at the oktoberfest you will not find difficulty to fall asleep!

  18. Matt From USA On November 30, -0001

    Great experience, much more than I expected. The only gripes I have were not with the program or staff, but with the campsite bathrooms, which were difficult to use considering the state of cleanliness. Program was excellent.

  19. Dayne From USA On November 30, -0001

    Pretty cool tent city with a bar and place to eat. Had fun partying with all the Aussies and others.