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    1. Isabel From USA On November 30, -0001

      So far in my travels this has been the best hostel in terms of friends - I think it just attracts really cool, interesting people. The bar/ reception area has a few flies, but the actual hostel itself was very clean.

    2. john From USA On November 30, -0001

      The mattresses can stand to have another one 10 cm inch pad underneath them. The protruding bones tend to hit the bed board making it a sore place to sleep. Constant moving during sleep is required. Simple to resolve. Do it! of course fix the boiler or just schedule the heating of the water if that is what is really happening. Nice people. Nice location not to feel too frenzied with touristy things close by.

    3. Grzegorz From Poland On November 30, -0001

      It's weird they tell you to poay extra some city tax... as if they couldnt include it into the price at the begining. Then the water in shower was cold. But it seems a nice hostel. close to S-bahn, so you can be in 10mins in city center or in 30mins at the Schoenefeld airport.

    4. YURY From Belarus On November 30, -0001

      it would be desirable soap in a shower-bath

    5. Caitlin From Australia On November 30, -0001

      Standard hostel fare in a lot of ways, but the murals in the corridors are wonderful and I really like the boxes next to each bed! We had a great time, everything was clean and convenient and the bar downstairs was super nice to hang out in and play board games. Very close to the station, a supermarket and to some great night spots. If you're looking for somewhere to meet people or stay with a group of non-fussy travellers, Sunflower is perfect!

    6. Kate From Ireland On November 30, -0001

      Really nice staff, good breakfast, and really clean! Looks really remote when you get there but there's lots of nightlife nearby. Train station is nearby, it's a few stops from the city centre. Highly recommend.

    7. Grzegorz From Poland On November 30, -0001

      It's not far from S-Bahn so u can reach every part of town easily. The room was ok, the bathrooms too, maybe it would be nice to have somplace in the showers to put your cloths when taking bath, not just a shelf but some sort of hook or catch to hand on clothes.

    8. Leslaw From Poland On November 30, -0001

      Nice staff, clean place, quiet in the night. Great!