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    1. irene From England On November 30, -0001

      Great place to stay, found it clean and had nice staff. Just one downside, my room was way up the top of the building. As my luggage was quite heavy it was a struggle to get it up and down. I felt they should have let it be known that there were so many stairs, don't think I would have taken it had I known. Back is sore after lugging it up there. Apart from this all good!

    2. Matteo From Italy On November 30, -0001

      Great location, near the Hyde park and subway. The staff is amazing.

    3. Tsz Yan Stephanie From China On November 30, -0001

      Good location

    4. Victor From Mexico On November 30, -0001

      Small but comfortable. Very good location. Cheap and secure. Staff friendly.

    5. Valentina From Italy On November 30, -0001

      We stayed only one night, however it was quite comfortable and clean, the beds were pretty confortable and the bathroom was really clean. The staff was really polite and check-in and check-out was really fast. The building is 1minute walk far from Bayswater tube station.

    6. Olga From Russia On November 30, -0001

      I'm staing there everytime i'm London. Nice hostel, nice stuff and position. So lets keep it clean and nice for us coz the stuff do their best. Peace

    7. Olga From Russia On November 30, -0001

      Showers/ toilets are ok. Beds are dirty! A bit expensive. Free Wifi only 1h per day. Luggage room is not free. The hostel is fine if u clean the bed and don't spend much time there.

    8. Rebecca From Netherlands On November 30, -0001

      Room clean; bathroom could be cleaner. Very nice staff; good location. Value for money ok.

    9. Christopher From USA On November 30, -0001

      This hostel has a great location. It is close to the tube. However, it is cramped. The showers and toilets are in extremely tight spaces. People tend to stay for only one night. This leads to a long lines at check in and check out. There is a small common area with two outlets for charging phones.

    10. Olga From Russia On November 30, -0001

      ppl are a bit weird there sometimes but the place is ok

    11. Caroline From Sweden On November 30, -0001

      It smells pretty bad.

    12. Chung Yan From China On November 30, -0001

      The room has not enough PowerPoint, just two in a sixteen dorm. Have bad small inside the room, bathroom and toilet, but really close to rail station. And noisy!!!

    13. Anastasia From Russia On November 30, -0001

      nice place, 3-floor beds, quite clean. Spent 1 night there.

    14. rémi From France On November 30, -0001

      very nice hostel: you've got what you pay for (don't expect a 5 star hotel) and it's clean, people are cool but not "partyyyyy" so you can still sleep. Good stuff.

    15. charlotte From France On November 30, -0001

      More hot water every time during the day. In the room of twelves bed some little light near every bed.

    16. Quentin From France On November 30, -0001

      Really bad showers. Broken windows when it was very cold. Not a good one

    17. mara From Italy On November 30, -0001

      It's very near to the undergroud. Near Notting hill, nice area. The hostel is not so clean, they try to clean but sometimes the people are so dirty...I was in a 20beds bedroom, I think is better a room with less bed also if you have to spend some $ more.

    18. Jorge From Portugal On November 30, -0001

      It has a great location but the conditions are poor, the rooms are cramped, the showers are improvised and so the bedrooms are too small for all the people with few little windows, wich makes for a bad smell all around. I would have spent more for more decent accommodations, its only serves the bare minimum and it's the only choice if there's nothing else.

    19. Lidia From Spain On November 30, -0001

      Good choice for just a couple of days: fairly clean and good atmosphere in common areas. Only one shower per room, which is pretty tight for rooms of 14 people. They charge you for even breathing...

    20. Carina From Germany On November 30, -0001

      The sheets are clean and the bathroom is being cleaned about every other hour and it's only two blocks to the subway station. so all in al a really recommendable hostel.