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A Mild Winter Wonderland Christmas in Athens

Athens has become a special Christmas destination, as its celebration of the holidays becomes spectacular and surprisingly refreshing each year. The holiday’s festive mood never loses its magic even in Athens as Christmas does not end in the 26th of December, 2011. In Athens, the joyous season starts in mid-November and last through early January. By this time, the city will be adorned with towering Christmas trees and lavish department store displays. Wondrous festive lights welcome passers-by while floodlights atop Syntagma Square’s buildings diffuse brilliance and that yuletide feel. Holiday performances at key center points from bars, jazz clubs and other entertainment venues, ice-skating rinks, jolly Santas, and magically-lit boulevards will bring everyone together during this brightest holiday of the year, to dazzle the children and make adults feel young again. So if you are planning to head off into a holiday vacation minus the biting cold weather, why don’t you... Continue reading